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Mentored Sailing Program 2022


The Mentored Sailing Program is Full for 2022
We will start to take applications for next year's program on 1 February 2023 Applications will be accepted on a first-come first-served basis.

Learn to Sail without Owning a Boat (or with one!)

Welcome to the wonderful world of sailing!

Sailing can be expensive and daunting for people to just dip their toes in the sport, so jump right in with the Mentored Sailing program at Burlington Sailing & Boating Club! Our Mentored Sailing program allows you to experience the thrill and joy of sailing no matter your experience level.

Join the Mentored Sailing Program Now! 

This hands-on sailing program’s finest sailors take you under their wing and guide you through the ropes.  Once you have completed the program and mastered the syllabus, you can earn your skipper certificate allowing you to reserve a sailboat and enjoy sailing on your own on Burlington Bay.  

Whether you are new to sailing or have been sailing for years, the Mentored Sailing Program lets you develop and hone your sailing skills at your own pace. Even after you finish the program, our Club Sailing Mentors provide you with ongoing coaching and mentorship through your sailing journey. 

Do you already own a keel boat? Do you need some tips?  Try our Senior Mentored Sailing option. 

How does the program work?

NEW! When you join the program, you become an Intermediate Member of BSBC which means you will be able to participate in all club events.

We are accepting of all levels of experience; the syllabus is cumulative, and experience based but allows you to learn at your own pace. We start with the basics and make sure you learn everything you need to know to take a boat out on your own. 

The program starts mid April, and the sailing portion runs once a week from May 29th - September 11th, for 16 weeks. You will be matched with your mentor based on availability for maximum participation; there are several sessions scheduled each week, but members typically choose a single time slot to develop a better coaching relationship with their Sailing Mentors.

Members enter the program as Crew and progress to Skipper when they show proficiency with the defined skills and seamanship. Crew will be evaluated by the BSBC Lead Mentor and once they have proved their sailing competency will be able to take boats out without a Sailing Mentor.

After 2 years in the program, it is expected Mentored Sailing Program members will join BSBC as Senior Members to continue in the program.

Volunteer Hours

Members are required to volunteer within the club for 10 hours.  At least 5 of the hours is dedicated to Mentored Sailing Program boat care and maintenance. The other 5 hours can be achieved either within the program or the club.  We always need help with Able Sail, Socials, Sail Past, Regattas, Officer of the Day and so much more. Talk with the Program Coordinator about how you can help. 

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