LaSalle Park Marina Association




OCTOBER 14, 2023 

Thank you for a great 2023 season.  We look forward to seeing everyone for the 2024 season at LaSalle Park Community Marina.

We will be updating this website with pricing information and 2024 electronic applications in February of 2024.



The LPMA has hired a new Marina Manager who will begin with us after our long-time manager Colin McKinnon retires at the end of this season.

We are pleased to announce that Leo Campione has accepted our offer of employment for the 2024 seasonLeo is presently training with Colin so the transition should be seamless.

Leo brings a wealth of skills and maintenance experience to our organization. Leo is a long term resident of Burlington, an avid boater and a member of the Marina.  


Lorn Newton


LPMA Board of Directors

AUGUST 31, 2023



10:30 am to 4:30 pm, daily until October 41/23.

AUGUST 10, 2023

NOW AVAILABLE ALL NEW PWC docks - Introductory Price - $300.00 until end of season - mid October/ $75.00 per week - all plus HST

AUGUST 1, 2023


The last day that boats will be allowed in the Marina is October 14, 2023.

MAY 2023

Safe Sport Policy

Creating a safe and inclusive sport environment

LaSalle Park Marina Association believes everyone involved in any role in the sport of boating has the right to participate in a safe and inclusive environment free of abuse, harassment, or discrimination – collectively referred to as maltreatment. This right to fully enjoy the sport applies to everyone.

The LaSalle Park Marina Association is committed to Safe Sport policies and practices to respond to the changing nature of Safe Sport in Canada. 
Please report any issues or concerns to our Marina Manager or the Board of Directors.



Information will be updated here for any temporary road closures.

NOTICE - May 23, 2023

ROAD CLOSURE UPDATE - JUNE 5 to 9 and 12 to 16 -  LaSalle Park Road will be closed Monday thru Friday from 7 am to 6 pm from Oakland Park Drive to the Marina.  Kindly park above Marina in the LaSalle Park parking lot and walk down to the Marina.

NOTICE - May 15, 2023



The City of Burlington will be upgrading LaSalle Park Road from North Shore Blvd to LaSalle Park Marina.  King Paving and Construction will be managing the project beginning this week.  

LaSalle Park Road Reconstruction will include:

  • Urbanization of LaSalle Park Road
  • Full asphalt replacement
  • New curb / gutter and sidewalk (west side)
  • New storm sewer, manholes and catchbasins
  • Streetlighting upgrades

Lane closures and localized short-term road closures will be necessary to complete the proposed works during normal construction hours, Monday to Friday, 7 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.

Road Closures

LaSalle Park Road between Oaklands Park Court and LaSalle Marina will be closed in June for a two-week period from 7 am to 5 pm. - please refer our website for updates under the LPMA News Bulletin tab on 

During road closures, please park in the upper lot in LaSalle Park, enter off North Shore Blvd, and walk to the Marina.


The road improvements are welcome and necessary to the long term safety and enjoyment of all members of LaSalle Park Community Marina, Burlington Sailing & Boating Club and Burlington Able Sail.


Thank you for your anticipated co-operation.  If you have any concerns please contact our Marina Manager, Colin at 905-633-9483.


The City of Burlington will be making improvements in the LaSalle Park area in 2023. City work includes the reconstruction and urbanization of LaSalle Park Road, including sidewalk, concrete curb, roadway asphalt and street lighting upgrades.

This project page has been updated. Please visit our website to review May 2023 update. 

View the full page in your web browser.


SAFETY NOTICE - May 12, 2023

Please wear a PFD while on the docks in the Marina.

Best Practices - Children should always wear a personal floatation device (PFD) whenever they are near any body of water. Furthermore, when children are in areas where they may be prone to accidentally falling into the water, a responsible individual should always be with them.
When a person is walking the docks, embarking or disembarking from a boat, a “buddy” system should be used. 


The City of Burlington will allow overnight parking for Marina Members until further notice.  Please visit the Marina Manager for a LPMA STICKER and display it on your dashboard if you are parking at the Marina after 11 pm or overnight.  The City will monitor usage and track any issues.



The LaSalle Park Community Marina will be opening May 13, 2023 and the City’s public boat launch will be opening May 19, 2023. The Marina is also home to the Burlington Sailing and Boating Club and the Burlington Able Sail program.

About the LaSalle Park Community Marina

Through an agreement with the City, the Marina has been operated by the LaSalle Park Marina Association (LPMA) for 42 years. The City owns the wave break and the Marina.

The Marina is a beautiful location for residents and tourists to launch their boats and enjoy the crisp waters of Lake Ontario and Burlington’s breathtaking lakefront views. The Marina has 219 docking spaces and is protected by a new floating wave break that was installed in 2020. The Burlington Sailing and Boating Club and the Burlington Able Sail program offer sailing programs at the Marina. In addition, the City has a public boat launch at the Marina that is protected by the floating wave break.

For more information on the LaSalle Park Community Marina, visit

Burlington is a city where people, nature and businesses thrive. Sign up to learn more about Burlington at and follow @CityBurlington on social media.


Denise Beard, Manager of Community Development

“The Marina and public boat launch is a great asset to the city not only for residents but also boaters from our neighbouring areas and tourists. We are a city with a beautiful lakeshore and seeing it by boat is a great way to enjoy it.”

Lorn Newton, President of LaSalle Park Marina Association

“The Marina is a Lake Ontario gem. We open May 13 and our stable docks are well protected, the bay is wonderful for an afternoon sail and we have easy access to the lake. We can accommodate up to 35-foot craft. We are accessible and we are open and welcoming to all.”


LaSalle Park Community Marina:


NOTICE - April 20, 2023

Opening date Saturday, May 13 th

Public Boat Launch will be opened by the City of Burlington on Friday, May 19th 

Burlington Sailing and Boating Club will be doing their lift-in on May 11/12 

Please note that the roadway to the Marina and the parking on the pier will be closed off for the BS&BC launch.  The parking lot above the Marina in LaSalle Park will be available.

NOTICE - February 26, 2023 

FACEBOOK - LaSalle Park Community Marina’s official facebook

NOTICE - 2023 APPLICATIONS NOW AVAILABLE - Kindly reserve your slip now.


On-line electronic applications will open before March 1, 2023.  If you were in the Marina last season, we will reserve the same slip for you this season if you complete the application and remit payment in full before April 1, 2023.  For new patrons, kindly compete our electronic application and e-transfer fee to guarantee a slip.  Docks will be assigned on a first come, first served basis.  Prior to docking in the Marina, we require a copy of your insurance document showing 3 rd party liability insurance of $2 million. Our 2023 seasonal fees are posted under the tab “Seasonal Dock Fees”.
E-Transfer seasonal slip rental fees to:



AGM and BUDGET MEETING was held with quorum of 20 members in attendance.


Save The Date - Wednesday, February 8, 2023 - AGM/Budget meeting - In-Person held at St Matthews Church, Plains Road East, Burlington- 7 PM.  Notice of Agenda, Minutes of 2021 AGM and Budget Meetings, Message from the Board of Directors and Financials to be forwarded via email.  Kindly plan on attending, we require a quorum to proceed.

NOTICE - January 14, 2023

LPMA Policy-Workplace Anti- Harassment/Discrimination
The Board of Directors of the LaSalle Park Marina Association is committed to the protection of all employees, members, contractors and volunteer workers, authorized by the Board to provide services, against accident and injury, as well as protection from acts of harassment, including sexual harassment and or violence, and discrimination of any kind.
To this end, the Board maintains a strict “Zero Tolerance” policy to any acts of workplace harassment, sexual harassment and or violence and will immediately notify the Police to pursue such matters under the Canada Criminal Code.
Our facility is a public community marina operated by the LaSalle Park Marina Association,
a “not for profit” group, under a license and operating agreement with the City of Burlington. Our policy is to welcome all people. Workplace and membership issues of any kind are discussed at monthly Board of Directors Meeting.

NOTICE - January 3, 2023

City of Burlington reminds residents to stay off ice at LaSalle Marina

Ice at LaSalle Marina is dangerous. Underwater bubblers are used to prevent ice from forming and results in thinner ice in and around the marina. Pets and people need to stay off the ice. Any ice near the marina will be thin and will not support pets or people. #BurlON

COVID-19 Update
LaSalle Park Marina Association is very concerned with the safety of our members, our clients, our staff, our volunteers, and the community in light of the COVID-19 Pandemic. Our Board Members are meeting virtually to review information regularly and we are following the guidance of the Chief Public Health Officer of Canada and the Ontario Chief Medical Officer of Health to prepare and plan for the months ahead. 

NOTICE - October 17, 2022

The Marina is now closed for the 2022 season.  We look forward to seeing you in 2023.

2023 Electronic Applications will be available on March 1, 2023.

NOTICE - June 27, 2022

Marina Dock Assistance- LaSalle Park Marina 

We are pleased to announce that Connor Lofts has accepted summer employment with LPMA.  Please welcome Connor to LaSalle Park Marina.


  • This position will assist with daily duties related to the operation of LaSalle Park Marina.

 Marina Manager (905) 633 9483 / email -


NOTICE - January 28, 2022

Our website has been enhanced with a fill-in on-line annual application and permit form.  Please refer to Seasonal Dock Fees and complete the LPMA application form.  Kindly e transfer funds to

Thanks, Board of Directors

NOTICE - September 7, 2021


I hope that you’re enjoying the 2021 boating season and we hope that September will be the best boating weather that we’ve seen this year.

I do want to caution all of you, especially the new boaters to LaSalle, that September can be windy and cause some problems. The new break wall has exceeded our expectations for protection but please, don’t let your guard down as we approach the fall. Wind can still do a lot of damage to boats. Make sure that your boat is well tied with plenty of lines. If you’re new to boating, believe me, don’t take this for granted. We have seen a lot of damage in the past because people just didn’t understand the forces that can be at work in open water. Enclosures are also vulnerable in high winds so keep a close watch for wind conditions and act accordingly, as in, take them down. And last, do not be an absent boater. You need to check on your boat at least weekly. 


I also want to remind you, that the last day for boats in the marina is October 17th.  Having reminded you now, there will be no excuse for boats being in past that date. We are very firm on this and will charge you $200 per day past that date. Any boat left in past Oct. 17th will be locked up until these fees are paid. So, get them out in time. And, bad weather at the end will not be an excuse


All the best, Colin 

NOTICE - July 26, 2021

Safety on the water is something that none of us should take for granted. 

We have been looking for ways to give our customers some form of safe boating guidance and up to date weather information. I think this one goes a long way to fulfilling that goal. There are many weather apps that boaters can access and today we send you another one. It’s fairly new and it offers up to date weather information for boaters that just could save your life.

This came to me through the “Boating Industry” newsletter and I’m passing it on for the benefit of our marina people.

The app, is provided by The Canadian Safe Boating Council and is called  “Weather to Boat”. You can download it through your app store and it’s free.  

You can also visit their website at  for a huge array of videos and information on all kinds of boating subjects. They have done a great job with these so check them out. You’re sure to benefit.

Boating is a great sport and tons of fun but don’t take it for granted. The danger potential is serious.

Safe boating everyone

Notice - July 10, 2021

We are pleased to announce that our BBQ dock is now open.  Please note due current COVID restrictions the BBQ’s will not be available.  Basic COVID rules are still in effect.


Notice - May 19, 2021

Marina will open on May 27, 2021 - BS&BC will be launching boats on the 27th (rain date 28th), therefore, LaSalle Park Road will be blocked off at Oaklands Park Ct. for traffic.  If you are arriving by water, you may dock at your slip on the 27 th.  The City’s public launch ramp will open for the season on June 1, 2021.  Strict Covid protocols will be in place.”

Notice to Members and Associates of LaSalle Park Marina, May 6, 2021

Anyone parking their boat trailer at the LaSalle Park Community Marina will now be required to pay a trailer parking fee. Trailers parked in the upper parking lot will also need parking payment.  The parking spaces for boat trailers are longer than other parking spaces. There are 14 parking spaces in the parking lot at the pier and five in the grassed area along the main parking lot at LaSalle Park. 

List below is information on the fee:

  • Fees will be required from dawn to dusk, seven days a week starting Saturday, May 22, 2021 (the opening may be delayed due to Provincial regulations) 
  • Trailer parking payments are required seven days a week, including holidays
  • It is a daily flat rate of $20
  • Users can scan the QR Code or download the HonkMobile app. There is a transaction fee of $0.35 for each payment
  • Dashboard tickets are not required as every payment is linked with a trailer license plate number
  • Residents and visitors can use the HonkMobile app to search, pay for, and top-up parking payments directly from their smartphone, tablet or computer
  • For more information about parking at LaSalle Park Community Marina or elsewhere, visit


For more information on the fee, included below is a link to the calendar of City meetings.  Staff presented a report (RCC-02-21) at the Environment, Infrastructure and Community Services Committee Meeting on April 8, 2021.

CITY OF BURLINGTON, Recreation, Community and Culture Department


Notice to Members and Associates of LaSalle Park Marina, May 1, 2021

The Marina will open when the Ontario Lockdown order is ended, or modified, to allow operation.

The Marina board is unanimous in this decision. 

It is felt that the effort to control marina access before the end of lockdown is beyond our ability. We do not have paid staff for dock control or the ability to restrict entry of other craft if any boats are in the Marina.

We will be fully assembled by May 20, the end of the present Government restrictions. Then, unless the lockdown is extended, we will re-open.

Lorn Newton, Board Chairman


20 foot Docks 

We have many people who ask about the 20 ft docks and want to know if they can put a boat in that is 20’4” or such. 

The answer, is a NO. The 20 ft docks were created for mostly fishing type boats but many others are attracted to them because the price is very reasonable. But we won’t allow boats that are over 20 ft in that area.

Our pricing is by boat size, not by dock size. And, sizing is LOA, which means “Length Overall”. This is quite literate. If your boat is over the “slot” size, ie  up to 20 ft, up to 25 ft  etc. it must go into the next size.  This often includes a boat that is 19 ft, but the outboard on the back brings it to 20’ 10 inches overall. This can sometimes include a sailboat rudder, a swim platform, a bowsprit or even an anchor holder that protrudes 10 inches or so at the bow. If it’s over 20 ft overall, it has to go to the next size.

The docks are 20 ft long so it’s easy to monitor. Please measure carefully. If you bring a boat into that area that is over 20’, you will have to move to the next size dock and pay the extra. And, note, that we don’t issue refunds.


Electrical Power at LaSalle Park Marina

A note to all new patrons to LaSalle.  LaSalle has many good things to offer, a beautiful setting, some amazing nature trails and wildlife etc.  The one thing that we do lack is; abundant electrical power.

LaSalle has electrical power, but it is “shared”. As the years go by, we find, that boats come equipped with more and more electrical items on board. If you are considering LaSalle as your boating home for the summer, be aware that there is ‘shared” power. That means that you can not assume that your boat will be plugged in, all of the time. The rule has always been, when at the Marina and “on board your boat” you are welcome to plug in. Please be respectful of your immediate neighbour's power requirements and be prepared to share.  When you leave, we ask that you unplug. As well, we do not allow high power drawing electrical appliances, air conditioners etc. We do have plans to upgrade the power system in the future.

This arrangement is not a problem for many people, but there are others, who need constant power for the boat. If you are one of those, perhaps this is not the place for you. Thank you.


If you have sent your forms and money in already, very likely we have received it.  I won’t send your return forms to you until I have the boat stickers and they are taking a long time this year. So please be patient. If you are worried about if we got it, drop me an email and I will confirm. As well, thanks to all those who are making the email system and etransfers work very well. 

We do NOT, hold any slip for a person until the fees are paid. 

Also, remember that all paperwork has to be complete and in our hands before your boat goes into the marina. There are many people from previous years who need to show an updated insurance policy for two million 3rd person liability. Keep that in mind.   Thanks

A note to those who have been with us for years or to those who were with us in 2019 , the last year we had boats in the water. You have until April 1st  for me to have your forms in hand or you will lose your slip. If you’re not worried about that, no problem. Just a fair warning. We have to know who is with us in order to plan for the new season.  Thank you


Hi Everyone and welcome to the 2021 Boating Season. There is a major factor for this year, one that we’ve been living with, Covid-19. We have included a whole page to this that will be included. 

Besides the new Break Wall, there are several other new things for 2021. Please take careful note as they are important.

Insurance minimum requirements change;  Beginning this year, you will be required to have and provide proof of insurance that includes  2 MILLION DOLLARS  3RD PARTY LIABILITY, on all boats in the marina.  

New renewal forms   The new renewal forms will be one page as opposed to our old duplicate copy system. Please read and fill it out completely, then you MUST, SIGN BOTH SIDES and return it. Remember, even if you pay by E transfer, you Must return both the paperwork and proof of insurance this year.  Please send your completed forms back by mail, and we will send you a return receipt along with your 2021 sticker. If they are not completed properly, you will be required to come into the office to do so before your boat is in the marina.

Stickers, you will receive a new sticker to put on your boat to prove validation. Please place it on the windshield for power boats or on the side of the mast that will be facing the main walkway so that we can easily see it. Thank you. 

No Frills;  We are pleased to announce that this year, this area of the marina will have the same season as the rest, mid May until about Thanksgiving. All else in no frills remains the same. You will see this category under boats up to 20 feet. 

Communication;  we ask that you ensure that your email address is legible and up to date as this is our main method to communicate with you. As well, our BULLETIN BOARD is our secondary method and you should check that board on a regular basis. There are always important items that you need to be aware of and if you don’t monitor these two, you may not know about them. A Reminder, COVID-19  rules will be posted and updated. We expect you to read them and observe them. They will be posted on our website, the bulletin board and the marina office.

Safety Items;  If you choose to make use of any electricity in the marina, you MUST use a proper MARINE GRADE shore power cord. Regular or home made electrical cords are not allowed. We continue to see “plugged in”  electrical cords, in the water. This poses “ENORMOUS DANGER” to all of us. We will unplug any such cords the first time. If it happens again, we will take the cord to the office. and you will not be allowed to use the electrical system after that. If need be, you will be expelled from the marina. We have to be tough on this as it could easily kill some innocent person or even yourself. This is no joke. As well, you should always purchase and use an inline GFI for those boats that do not have such protection on board. 

Marina Occupancy; in order to bring your boat into the marina you mustfirst; make out the paperwork, provide proof of insurance, and provide payment for the duration of your stay. THIS MUST BE DONE, “BEFORE” you put your boat in the marina. If you do not have these in place, you are “TRESPASSING” and will be penalized. 

All boats will be assigned to a specific dock. You are not allowed to change that spot unless and until you have been re-assigned by the manager. If you must dock in an emergency, you must use the very outer docks, the highest number docks, and only for a brief time. This again needs to be coordinated through the manager. In the event being caught out in a  storm and you are looking to dock, the pier is perhaps a safer option until; the storm passes. 

High water levels continue to be a reality in the Great Lakes. We have been very fortunate that our floating dock system has allowed us relatively little negative impact so far. Changing water levels can in some cases, cause dock angles to change and everyone in the marina needs to be aware of this ongoing potential for danger. Anyone using this marina, needs to understand that there are various risks involved. Each person who enters the marina, does so at their own risk.  

Thank you so much for choosing LaSalle to dock your boat and welcome to the new season. We appreciate having you with us. 


Covid-19 Alert and Precautions - February 24, 2021

Hi Everyone,

It’s nice to be thinking of marina and boating once again. It’s been a long time. I expect that all of us are excited to get back to warm weather and fun times on the water. As nice as that is to look forward to, we’venever had to deal with a pandemic like this before. This year, it surely won’t be business as usual.  

When we open, we expect that Covid-19 will still be a big factor in our lives. That will require us as a business, to take precautions, as the government and the health professionals recommend to stop the spread. What those precautions will be, are yet to be determined. We can’t project where we will be in April, May, June etc. But it’s safe to say, that at least in the beginning of the year, and perhaps much longer, there will be mandatory precautions required. Ontario is a mixed bag of Covid “colours” as I write this. Whatever those precautions are, we will need all marina users to abide by them. We risk being fined and or closed down like any other business if we don’t adhere to the rules. 

Up to date rules will be posted on our website as well as on the marina bulletin board and office. You are expected to keep up with any changes that may happen as we go through the season. 

Any and all marina users will be required to sign this form indicating that they understand, and will abide by, all of  the posted rules. That goes for any and all people with you in the Marina and at your boat whether they be family or friends. You will be responsible that they abide by these rules as well. Any user found to be violating these rules will be restricted for a period of time, the entire season or have their membership with LPMA terminated. This is serious stuff, life threatening. We can’t take it lightly.

It is understood that the above precautions will be in place for the entire 2021 season at LaSalle. No marina patron or user will be allowed in the marina until this document is signed and in the hands of the marina manager.

Thank you for your understanding and your patience.   Stay Safe.


By signing below, I acknowledge that I have read and understand the information above and will abide by the rules, restrictions and COVID-19 preventative measures as outlined by the Marina. 



Name :  ………………………………………  Print


Name: ………………………………………..  Signature 


Date :………………………………………….  Print