Lift-In Safety Procedures

We are targeting Thursday May 27th for the lift-in.
This is contingent upon the terms of the lockdown which appears likely to be extended,
and the ability of the marina to provide safe, periodic access to our boats once in the water.

All Lift-In plans, processes and safety protocols continue as before, just shifted to reflect the new date. Below please find links to documents which will continue to be updated as appropriate. 

Lift-In Covid-19 Screening Screening Form

To be printed, completed and presented for access to the pier on the day of Lift-In.  Also daily for anyone who is volunteering into work crews on the days preceding and following.  If/as Ministry of Health questions change this form may be updated.

Lift-In Key Dates and Owner/Volunteer Checklist 

One page calendar view of events preceding and following Lift-In including a checklist to aid both owners and volunteers in ensuring they are ready and equipped for a safe and successful lift.

Lift-In Safety Training

If you haven't attended one of the Lif-In Safety Trainings, then watching the below video is mandatory.


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