Burlington Sailing & Boating Club

Interested in Crewing on a Racing Sailboat?

As a skipper, you of course must make certain that each crew member has appropriate safety gear and is familiar with what you want them to so.  MOB drill(s) would be recommended.  If you need crew, follow the link below and give your details.  Be sure to add that you want crew in the comments section.

Boats at Burlington Sailing and Boating Club (BS&BC) race on Tuesday and Thursday evenings. .

As a crew member you should -be physically able to perform tasks on board, -arrive at the dock no latter than 5:45 for a 6:00 departure -wear footwear with non-marking soles.

Races last for approximately 1.5 hours but may last considerably longer depending on the course and wind conditions.

You do no have to be a member of the Club and there is no fee.

If interested - SKIPPERS AND CREW please complete the Racing Crew Bank Form below~!


If you would like to crew on one of our racing boats, then fill in your name and contact information as well as your level of experience i.e. beginner, sailed before, raced a sailboat previously, etc. Racing is Tuesdays & Thursdays, so indicate which evening your are available.

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