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LaSalle Park Marina, Burlington's Community Marina

About the Marina

  There are several options to participate from short term to part season to full seasonal dock rental  Membership and Lifetime (Legacy) Membership.

Brief overview: The LaSalle Park Marina Association (LPMA) and the LaSalle Park Marina were established in 1981 (by a group of area Boaters in consultation with the City) and exist, as defined under the Corporations Act, as a Not-For-Profit Organization. The Marina operated under a Joint Venture Agreement between the City of Burlington with the LaSalle Park Marina Association that expired on October 31, 2019.  As of October 31, 2019, a new arrangement was made with the City in conjunction with a new wave break installation. The Marina is operated by the LaSalle Park Marina Association (LPMA) under a Licence and Operating Agreement with the City of Burlington (the owner of title) 

 The LPMA has a Board of Directors, elected from its Legacy Members, which report to the Membership and City of Burlington.

 The Marina continues to operate as a membership and volunteer based, self-help entity.

 To maximize the recreational boating experience at LaSalle, the LPMA work closely with the BSBC which is a valued, but separate, sister organization. The LPMA encourage persons to become Members of both organizations and contend there is significant value in so doing.

 The LPMA has undertaken a fixed rate debenture loan from the City as part of its dock replacement program affecting years 2017-26 at $27,382 a year. The costs of this fixed rate debt service are included in your fee.

 LaSalle Park Marina is fully wheelchair accessible.

Stewardship of the Marina and Association

  • City of Burlington's Community Marina
  • The City of Burlington owns the wave break and the Marina
  • LaSalle park Marina Association runs and operates the Marina
  • LaSalle Park Marina opened spring 1981
  • LaSalle Park Marina Association is an unpaid, all volunteer, not for profit Corporation officially incorporated April 16, 1982

LaSalle Park Marina Awards

  • LaSalle Park Marina and Association are an international Blue Flag Eco Award Certified Marina, the first on Lake Ontario
  • LaSalle Park Marina and Association are also top 5 Anchor Platinum Eco Award Certified
  • LaSalle Park Marina and Association were the first top 5 Anchor Eco Awarded Marina anywhere. The Award was presented by the Federal and Ontario Ministers of the Environment at CCIW in 2005
  • LaSalle Park Marina and Association were presented the City's Community Accessibility Committee BUILD Environment Award in 2013 for its support of disabled sailing and Burlington Able Sail

Since the Marina's founding in 1981, LPMA's Annual Financial Statements and General Meeting Minutes are reported annually to the City of Burlington as well as to the Membership.

Subject to you conducting your own due diligence, we respectfully suggest there is a significant long term advantage, or enhanced perceived value, in becoming a LPMA Lifetime (Legacy) Member.

Please note: Legacy Members are not purchasing property or a slip, but rather a preferred right of use.

Details on becoming a NEW Lifetime Legacy Member will be posted on this website in due course.

Whichever option you choose, please consider making LaSalle Park Marina your home.

This is not a prospectus..

Also see the City of Burlington website: City of Burlington

 Please Contact the Manager for further information at:

 Email: LaSalleParkMarina@cogeco.net

 Tel: 905-633-9483