Volunteers needed for Mentored Sailing Program 

Our Mentored Sailing Program – a.k.a Shark Program introduces people to sailing and develops all the skills needed to sail and manage a boat. Mentors provide the training in sessions during the week or on weekends according to a list of criteria required for students to attain “skipper” status and pilot the boats on their own.  The program has generated new members in the past and this last year two new members have purchased boats and stored them in our compound.

Mentors are needed to carry the program forward. They need to be familiar with the items in our curriculum and able to show and teach. The boats are tiller steered and use outboard motors; we provide training to mentors who may be unfamiliar with outboards or tillers. Teaching others may be a good way of brushing up on your own skills.

As a Mentor you will get a chance to train students who really want to learn, watch them develop skills, help them work on harder points and eventually turn them into competent skippers. There is nothing like the thrill of seeing a student deal with heavy weather for the first time and come back to the dock with a smile built on deserved confidence. This work for our club can be some of the most enjoyable and rewarding you can do as a member. 

If you want to share your expertise contact Monique at sharkbsbc@burlbay.com